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Doctors Use Smart Glass Technology To Reach Refugee Camps At Jordan-Syria Border Amid Pandemic

A team of doctors from countries around the world is using smart glass technology to reach refugees and remote communities along Jordan’s border with Syria during the coronavirus pandemic.

For years, doctors volunteering with Children of War Foundation (COWF), a Los Angeles-based non-profit seeking to enhance access to medical care for communities affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, climate change and discrimination, have traveled to Jordan and other countries to provide medical care to children living in refugee camps and in remote areas.

Press Releases

Vuzix Expands Available Smart Glasses-Based Healthcare Offerings with the Addition of Hippo Technologies Solution to Help Service Medical Professionals and Organizations Around the World

ROCHESTER, NY, January 20, 2021 – Vuzix® Corporation (NASDAQ: VUZI), (“Vuzix” or, the “Company”), a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, today announced it is collaborating with Hippo Technologies, Inc., a virtual care company delivering solutions for healthcare and medical education, to connect global surgeons and healthcare providers with vital medical networks and virtual care services with Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses.

Press Releases

Hippo Technologies, Inc. Teams with EVERFI to Bring Comprehensive Wellness Program to Hippo HIVE™ Members

Hippo Technologies, Inc., a virtual care company delivering solutions for healthcare and medical education, announced today that it has teamed up with EVERFI Inc., the leading social impact education innovator, to enable Wellness and Mental Health Programs for the members of Hippo’s Healthcare Institute for Virtual Education (HIVE).


Out with the Old and In with the New: How advances in Head-Mounted Displays and Smart Glasses Are Positively Impacting Healthcare

Technology is changing and changing medical care with it. With new advancements available, virtual care is providing much-needed access to populations and safety for healthcare workers during COVID-19. But virtual care is important for more than just this moment in time. It can provide a solution to underlying challenges that have been endemic within the […]


Hippo Helps Bridge the Gap for Medical Device Training During COVID-19

From cardiology to cancer, many of today’s advanced medical devices require precision training before they can be utilized in a patient setting. In oncology, for example, radiologists commonly use linear accelerator machines (LINAC) to deliver external beam radiation to a precise area with minimal exposure to surrounding tissue. Typically, clinicians receive a minimum of eight […]


Next-Generation Support for First Responders in the Field

Augmented or mixed reality headsets used to be a thing of science fiction movies. Today, the Hippo Virtual Care™ Platform with its hands-free, voice-activated, head-worn tablet is making sci-fi a reality for first responders. Hippo is giving first responders real-time access to medical professionals and specialists in the field.
Emergencies are often chaotic, and physicians are rarely the first ones on the scene. Instead, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) paramedics, firefighters, police, and other first responders must be ready to help patients who may need care beyond their medical skills. Using Hippo’s platform, first responders can connect with physicians in the Emergency Room before an ambulance even arrives. The virtual care headset allows a physician to remotely assess patients from the point of view of the first responder on the scene – enabling more rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Hippo’s head-worn tablet comes with a micro-display that emulates the look of a 7-inch tablet screen. The voice activation technology and advanced noise-canceling allow first responders to use the system hands-free and navigate different applications. The image stabilizing camera gives medical experts a first-hand view of the field, enabling them to deliver care remotely.
The virtual care headset is 5G enabled, providing high-quality video streaming in real time. “It’s an important step forward because not only can you learn how the patient is when explained over the phone, but you can actually see with your own eyes,” said Luís Rentar, a pediatrician who has been trialing the system in the city of Sabadell, near Barcelona. Additionally, the platform is Bluetooth enabled, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into hospital systems.
Faster Triage and Smarter Clinical Decisions
The Hippo Virtual Care platform uses voice commands, keeping first responders’ hands free to assist the patient while sharing and receiving visual and audio directions from a physician. This wealth of transmitted information helps medical providers triage and diagnose patients before the ambulance has even arrived at the medical bay, allowing for faster and more informed emergency care.
Hippo’s system also allows physicians to advise first responders in the field. By giving them a first-hand view of the trauma scene, Hippo’s platform enables physicians to provide the on-site responder with life-saving medical instructions for patients who require immediate care.
Knowing what patients require before they even reach the ambulance bay also enables the hospital to prepare for a critically ill patient’s arrival. By seeing the patient and assessing their wounds and medical state, the treatment center can not only prioritize a patient’s needs, they can also set up the treatment center so everything they need is ready before the patient even arrives.
Saving Lives Today
The hands-free device keeps EMS safe and focused during critical tasks, all while receiving and transmitting vital information to a physician. The Hippo Virtual Care platform is currently being used in Norway by EMTs to provide life-saving care in emergency situations. Medical staff in ICUs are also taking advantage of this state-of-the-art technology to treat COVID-19 patients quickly and safely.
A first responder in Norway had this to say about using the innovative technology: “Hippo enables me to communicate quickly and effectively with colleagues back in the ER. It’s reassuring to have an extra set of eyes on what I’m seeing and doing.”
Hippo’s platform is easy to use and comes with plug and play installation and remote setup, allowing for quick and easy training. Often, first responders do not know what kind of situation they are walking into when they get a call, and have to be prepared to operate in harsh environments. Hippo’s platform was built to keep up with these demands. The headset is dust and water resistant and can survive a 2-meter drop onto concrete. The rechargeable batteries provide continuous 12-hour use, allowing the headset to accommodate long hours in the field.
At Hippo, we stand behind first responders. Our mission is to serve patients and those who care for them by leading the transformation to virtual care for providers and educators. Our team is helping to expand access to clinical expertise and technologies to improve the quality and safety of healthcare, globally.

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