Deliver a “through the eyes of a clinician” learning experience

The challenges of healthcare professional education today

Capacity Issues
Clinical staff shortages are putting pressure on faculty’s time and availability to teach
Safety Risks
Students packed into rooms during rounding increases risk of bacterial and viral contamination
Experiential Deficit
Students need regular exposure to diverse clinical environments and cases, which can be costly

The Hippo Virtual Teaching platform can be used for one-to-one and one-to-many clinical skills training and allows for remote proctoring, evaluation and calibration of procedures and competencies.

Use Hippo for medical teaching:

  • Reduce cost and increase convenience for students and medical faculty
  • Increase breadth and diversity of clinical exposure
  • Improve overall quality of learning experience

Targeted at:

  • Medical and nursing schools
  • Trainees and residents
  • Medical equipment/device training
  • Continuing Medical Education

Teaching formats:

  • 1:1 training and skills assessment
  • One-to-many group sessions (up to 50)
  • Real-time and recorded sessions
  • Group interaction via chat rooms

How it works

Our hands-free, voice-activated, head-worn computer with camera allows clinicians to videoconference and communicate in real time with remote colleagues and students, delivering a “through the eyes of the clinician” learning experience.

1 Faculty wear our voice-activated headsets during examinations, diagnostic procedures, treatments, or med device demonstrations, providing students viewing remotely a “through the eyes of the clinician” perspective.

2 Students watching remotely in a classroom setting or at home are able to communicate with faculty from any location or device and hear physician/patient interactions through internal loudspeakers and digital microphones.

3 Shared controls with a co-host option give a moderator or teaching assistant the ability to respond to student questions in real time. Recording and asynchronous review option available for follow-up lectures.


Johns Hopkins University logo

John’s Hopkins Cardiothoracic Surgery Program at Suburban Hospital in Baltimore is using Hippo in the ICU for consultation and teaching purposes. The Intensivists in the ICU have embraced the new technology and are now using it as part of their daily rounds.

“I immediately saw the application for using this technology to enhance the learning, practice and improvement of healthcare. The ability to have audio/visual communication for peer-to-peer consultation and collaboration, not to mention teaching and proctoring with junior colleagues became crucial during COVID-19. The hands-free aspect is a real benefit – it allows us to practice medicine as we were trained. So many existing tele-devices are on a cart or fixed to a wall. With Hippo, I can orient a patient or see a procedure as if I was physically in the exam room.”

Dr. Thomas Matthew

Director, Johns Hopkins Cardiothoracic Surgery Program at Suburban Hospital


Barry University’s School of Podiatric Medicine is using the Hippo Virtual Teaching platform to provide its medical educators with remote teaching and proctoring, continuing medical education, and consultation solutions.

“The Hippo technology will enable us to stream doctor-patient visits to our classrooms, for real-time clinical experience for our first-year students. Beyond further elevating the cutting-edge educational experience for our students, we anticipate utilizing Hippo on medical mission trips, connecting underserved communities with our world-class providers.”

Dr. Robert Snyder

Barry University Podiatric School of Medicine

With the help of Hippo Virtual Teaching and Hippo Virtual Proctoring, Adtalem Global Education is revolutionizing the experience by allowing faculty to teach and proctor nursing students remotely.

“From giving nursing students exposure to a dialysis clinic in Barbados, to conducting a live patient assessment at the Center for Haitian Studies in Miami – we are sharing knowledge without boundaries here at Adtalum.”

Susan Groenwald

Chair Emerita, Chamberlain University

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