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Infographic on Hospital Savings

How Hospitals Can Save Money Using Hippo Virtual Care

The COVID-19 pandemic led to drastic decreases in health spending over the last year as patients and providers were forced to delay routine care – leaving many hospital systems with significant revenue deficits. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that many hospitals will continue to face declining revenue amidst the lingering economic crisis. In these uncertain times, Hippo Virtual Care can help decrease hospitals’ overall costs, while simultaneously increasing revenue potential.

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Doctors on a video conference call

Telehealth needs to be more than videoconferencing – Hippo Virtual Care is the answer

It comes as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting impacts on healthcare systems worldwide. Seemingly overnight, healthcare delivery changed from in-person to digital, transforming the norm. Providers who had previously been slow to adopt virtual care models had to quickly scale up programs to reach patients and ensure the continuation of their clinics during a time of unprecedented change.

HMT 1 used by doctor

Enabling the Next Evolution of Virtual Care

Virtual care is building a fifth wave of digital innovation in healthcare, enabling patients and providers more control over their data and care. Seattle-based Hippo Technologies, Inc. is revolutionizing virtual care and medical education with next-generation wearable technologies that transcend conventional boundaries, helping serve patients across the globe.


How Wearable Computing Can Meet the Challenges of Conducting Clinical Trials in the Era of Covid-19

Clinical trials are trying, even in normal times. The global pandemic has created a world of issues that exacerbate an already complex and inordinately long process. It has fueled massive disruptions that will inevitably have long-lasting effects on medical science.

As with life in general, the virus has severely affected the ability to conduct trials in safe and effective ways. An especially troubling fact when you consider that trials often deal with those vulnerable populations most at risk from exposure.


Out with the Old and In with the New: How advances in Head-Mounted Displays and Smart Glasses Are Positively Impacting Healthcare

Technology is changing and changing medical care with it. With new advancements available, virtual care is providing much-needed access to populations and safety for healthcare workers during COVID-19. But virtual care is important for more than just this moment in time. It can provide a solution to underlying challenges that have been endemic within the […]


Hippo Helps Bridge the Gap for Medical Device Training During COVID-19

From cardiology to cancer, many of today’s advanced medical devices require precision training before they can be utilized in a patient setting. In oncology, for example, radiologists commonly use linear accelerator machines (LINAC) to deliver external beam radiation to a precise area with minimal exposure to surrounding tissue. Typically, clinicians receive a minimum of eight […]

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