How to Address Barriers to Scaling Virtual Care

The past few years have effectively demonstrated that telehealth and virtual care offer a unique way to bring quality care to patients while reducing the burden on both patients and providers. With over 85% of physicians using telehealth today, this burgeoning care method is here to stay. As the field and technology continue to evolve, however, the distinction between telehealth and virtual care is becoming clearer, along with the limitations of the former.


How Hippo Virtual Care Can Save Time and Lives with Telestroke

Hippo’s Virtual Care™ platform fills the gap in current Telestroke technology. Our hands-free, voice-activated headsets deliver a “through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint, allowing healthcare providers to communicate in real-time with remote colleagues for consultations with specialists. With our telestroke services, on-site caregivers and nurses can connect with a remote-based stroke care team, enabling faster triage, smarter clinical decision making, and reducing clinical errors through collaborative care.

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