Virtual Expert

Reduce errors, delays and improve safety

with remote collaboration

Hippo brings you the latest in voice-activated, hands-free, remote collaboration and data capture technology with the world’s most advanced wearable computer platform, providing a “you are there” virtual experience to remote experts.

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Remote collaboration saves time, improves safety and reduces errors and delays when managing projects

Bring virtual expertise to the site

A lightweight, compact design fits comfortably in your pocket. Dust proof and IP66 water resistant, Hippo SPX empowers clinical teams to connect in every environment with the highest comfort ratings and a hot-swappable battery keeping you effortlessly connected without downtime.

Real-time oversight + site inspections

Capture project while in progress and document punch-list items using voice control to take notes, photos and video. Leads to significant savings in unnecessary travel and time spent onsite.

Enhance training and development

Every organization has their "GO TO" experts, often too few to adequately perform in a complex and sometimes geographically challenged environment. Hippo enables organizations to utilize their investment in these experienced individuals to not only solve problems in real time, but also provide mentoring and learning opportunities in order to develop future subject matter experts. This approach saves time, money and enhances the collaboration capabilities of the organization.

Supercharge your construction site with hands-free wearable computing
  • “You see what I see” first person perspective (unlike conventional video conferencing)
  • Industrial-grade headset and user-friendly software
  • Voice-activated, hands-free operation for increased convenience and safety
  • Allows remote observer to zoom input and take photos and video
  • Allows multiple participants to observe and collaborate in real time
  • Rugged hardware compatible with traditional PPE; optional thermal camera module

“Hippo allows architects, engineers, consultants and construction site managers to collaborate in real time, conduct remote site inspections, and troubleshoot — saving travel time and significantly reducing construction delays and downtime.”

Tom Fee
VP, Hippo North America

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