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Hippo Virtual Care enables remote collaboration for specialty care and healthcare professional education.

Global leaders in Virtual Care for health and education

Hippo's hands-free, voice-activated, wearable computing solutions deliver a "through the eyes of the clinician" viewpoint allowing healthcare practitioners and educators to communicate in real-time with remote colleagues and students to support medical teaching, rounding, proctoring and specialist consultations.

Reduce Readmissions + Costs
Hippo saves money by reducing the need for travel and bringing the specialist to the patient via clinician extenders in the field, minimizing delays in care delivery.
Double Clinical Capacity
Hippo extends the capabilities of the available workforce, enabling physicians to train while they treat and turning any clinician extender with a headset into a virtual specialist.
Increase Productivity
Hippo enables faster triage, smarter decision-making, and reduces clinical error through real-time remote collaboration, increasing Specialty Physician productivity by up to 30%.

Unlike traditional telehealth, the Hippo solution delivers a “through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint, allowing First Responders to a trauma scene or remote healthcare workers at a rural clinic or patient home to livestream what they are seeing and doing to specialist colleagues who may be back in the hospital, for real-time consults on complex cases.



The Hippo Virtual Care platform delivers a “through the eyes of the clinician” experience, giving the remote Specialist the confidence to examine and treat the patient ‘in place’ via a tech-enabled caregiver in the field.

Combines voice-activated wearable computing with team-based clinical workflow

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians to optimize adoption and usability

Plug and play: only 1 hour of clinician training required

Hands-free communication with clinical-grade security + compliance

Hippo in the Field

Now first responders to a trauma scene such as paramedics and emergency medical technicians can get expert advice from specialists back in the ER, enabling potentially life-saving instructions to be delivered in real-time, and faster triage on arrival.

Hippo in the Hospital

Hippo addresses the COVID-19 era challenges of social distancing and clinical staffing shortages in the hospital. No need to scrub and wear PPE to deliver an emergency consult in an isolation zone – Hippo provides a first-hand view of the patient enabling specialists to consult directly with the treating physician.

Hippo in the Classroom

Convening medical students and faculty at a central location is expensive under normal conditions and impossible at present due to COVID-19 restrictions. The HVC platform can be used for ongoing skills training and assessment and allows for remote proctoring, evaluation, and calibration of procedures and skills.

Hippo in the Home

Hippo brings a new dimension to telehealth in the home, allowing a caregiver to be guided by a specialist when caring for a patient at home, such as postoperative care, IV infusions, or complex disease management. Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices allow for real-time transmission of key biometric data directly to the attending clinician.

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