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A Leader in Clinical Mobility

Hippo™ optimizes safety and convenience by enabling healthcare providers and educators to overcome the barriers of time, distance and training.

Global leaders in wearable computing for healthcare and education

Hippo's hands-free, voice-activated, wearable computing solutions deliver a "through the eyes of the clinician" viewpoint allowing healthcare practitioners and educators to communicate in real-time with remote colleagues and students to support medical teaching, rounding, proctoring and specialist consultations.

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Optimize Safety & Convenience
Hippo optimizes safety and convenience by enabling remote specialist care with a ”through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint.
Hippo extends the capabilities of the available workforce, turning any clinician with a headset into a virtual specialist.
Hippo enables faster triage, smarter decision-making, and reduces clinical error through collaborative working.

Combining utility, versatility, and usability, the Hippo Virtual Care™ platform (HVC) has been built from the ground up by a global team of medical experts, with end-users (clinicians and their patients) at the center of our solution design.


Quick to Deploy

Plug and play installation with remote set-up, training, and ongoing support.

Easy to Use

Hippo integrates with a wide range of head-mounted displays and smart glasses and comes with an intuitive interface and advanced voice-activated technology that is accurate even in noisy environments.

Safe & Secure

The HVC platform is built on industry-leading compliance and data security backbone with state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security features.

Durable & Resilient

Dust-proof and water-resistant rugged design, our headsets can survive a 2m drop test onto concrete. Rechargeable batteries can provide continuous service for 12-hour shifts.

Fully Networked

5G-ready, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth enabled, Hippo can integrate seamlessly with any hospital system and connected device. 

Scalable & Future-Proof

The HVC platform includes open APIs allowing for a range of third-party applications to integrate into our system.

Hippo in the Field

Now first responders to a trauma scene such as paramedics and emergency medical technicians can get expert advice from specialists back in the ER, enabling potentially life-saving instructions to be delivered in real-time, and faster triage on arrival.

Hippo in the Hospital

Hippo addresses the COVID-19 era challenges of social distancing and clinical staffing shortages in the hospital. No need to scrub and wear PPE to deliver an emergency consult in an isolation zone – Hippo provides a first-hand view of the patient enabling specialists to consult directly with the treating physician.

Hippo in the Classroom

Convening medical students and faculty at a central
location is expensive under normal conditions and impossible at present due to COVID-19 restrictions. The HVC platform can be used for ongoing skills training and assessment and allows for remote proctoring, evaluation and calibration of procedures and skills.

Hippo in the Home

Hippo brings a new dimension to telehealth in the home, allowing a caregiver to be guided by a specialist when caring for a patient at home, such as postoperative care, IV infusions, or complex disease management. Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices allow for real-time transmission of key biometric data directly to the attending clinician.