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Eye of Paramedic enables Dubai doctors to remotely see and treat patients in ambulances

‘Eye of Paramedic’ enables Dubai doctors to remotely ‘see and treat’ patients in ambulances Gulf News  |  Sajila Saseendran, Senior Reporter  |  March 02, 2022 Headset beams live data and visuals of patients onboard to doctors in emergency rooms Dubai: Dubai is deploying a high-tech gadget called the ‘Eye of Paramedic’ to enable doctors to […]

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Bringing Dialysis Home with Virtual Care

Nephrology, like many other medical specialties, is facing a critical shortage of providers. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only increased this burden as kidney injury from COVID-19 occurs in as many as 43% of patients in some hospitals, and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality rates. The resulting demand increase for dialysis has pushed providers and staff to their limits, in a medical specialty that already experiences high turnover rates.

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