Augmented Intelligence: A Better AI?

What is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented intelligence is the use of technology to enhance human intelligence, rather than replace it. It emulates and extends human cognitive function through the pairing of humans and machines, finding hidden meaning within all data and transforming user engagement by providing the right advice at the right time with the right evidence across any contact point.

By incorporating wearable computing at the point of care, Hippo enables the use of human intelligence through remote collaboration to advise, train, diagnose, and treat virtually. Our state-of-the-art Hippo SPX headset features voice-activated, hands-free, remote collaboration and data capture technology with the world’s first pocket-sized wearable computer. The headset helps digitally transform the healthcare workforce, allowing for remote consultations, training, medical equipment maintenance, and much more. Hippo brings the remote specialist to the patient via a Clinician Extender — a nurse or other allied healthcare professional — providing guidance and support where needed, and giving them the opportunity to “treat and teach” in real time. This ensures the right diagnosis and treatment the first time, every time.

Our augmented intelligence platform effectively emulates seven artificial intelligence techniques, including: 

  • Logical Reasoning: Real-time collaboration between remote specialists and local caregivers
  • Natural Language Processing: Understanding what the patient is really saying
  • Spatial Navigation: “You see what I see” through our headset
  • Machine Vision: Cameras, microphones, and speakers on our headset
  • Virtual Assistants: Clinician Extenders who assist remote specialists with virtual examinations
  • Machine Learning: Mentoring Clinician Extenders to improve their capabilities
  • Pattern Recognition: Using medical experience and contextual clues to recognize symptoms and drivers of health conditions

Hippo has the capability to leverage artificial intelligence for clinical decision support. We are in the process of integrating AI solutions that improve quality outcomes in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Visual/audio symptom diagnosis
  • Intelligent dictation/automated notes
  • Clinical workflow productivity
  • Intelligent patient search and education
  • Patient clinical trend alerts

While we recognize the power of artificial intelligence, we also recognize that there is a wealth of specialist human intelligence that cannot be taught in textbooks. When humans see countless cases and gain a better understanding of how people live their lives, they gain valuable insights that AI simply cannot replicate, no matter how well trained.

From Automation to Humanization

While it’s easy to get carried away by the promise of emerging technology, we must acknowledge the very human element that is at the core of healthcare. The use of augmented intelligence allows for the integration of technology and human expertise, resulting in both improved care outcomes and a heightened healthcare experience.

The use of augmented intelligence is not limited to healthcare providers, however. Patients can also benefit from this technology. Hippo allows primary caregivers or family members to attend patient consultations in real time. This gives everyone involved a better understanding and involvement in treatment decisions.

The Hippo Difference

At Hippo, we strive to build technology that makes people feel cared for by elevating the doctor-patient relationship. We understand that without human expertise, technology can only go so far. That’s why we work each day to reimagine how healthcare can be better designed, delivered, and experienced. We recognize the value of human expertise and use technology to enhance it, resulting in a better healthcare experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

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