5 Ways Hippo Virtual Care is Transforming the Healthcare Experience

Over the past few years, our healthcare system has been transformed through innovative digital health platforms that have fundamentally changed the way we think about delivering care. Digital health has helped overcome barriers, bridging the physical distance between providers and patients and alleviating access issues. At Hippo, our team is proud to be an integral part of bringing innovative medical care solutions to market. The Hippo Virtual Care™ platform can quickly address the most pressing clinical and financial problems that face many hospitals and health systems today.

Hippo is a global leader in wearable computing for healthcare and clinical education. Our platform was built by medical experts with the end-user in mind to create a solution-centered design. Our head-mounted displays and virtual care platform help improve access to specialist care and reduce care delays – all of which increases satisfaction rates for patients and improves the clinical experience for providers.

The Hippo Virtual Care platform makes it easier for providers to see more patients in the same amount of time while also expanding and upskilling the workforce by decreasing the cost of training. Hippo also helps unlock the full potential of specialists, the most expensive and scarce resource in healthcare. Here are five ways in which we are transforming the healthcare experience.


A Revolution in the Care Delivery Process

Hippo revolutionizes care delivery by enabling patient-facing clinicians wearing the headset to collaborate with specialist physicians in an “I see what you see” format that encourages effective examination, diagnosis, and treatment. This breakthrough in digital health expands on the typical telehealth “Zoom” call by creating an integrated team approach that gives physicians the confidence to diagnose and treat patients remotely.


Unique Value Through Next Gen Technology

Hippo provides a combination of rugged, proven industry-leading hardware with a unique, voice-controlled intuitive workflow designed by clinicians, for clinicians. Our software can help strengthen your teams’ medical knowledge and enable the delivery of “right care, first time”.

Hippo’s platform effectively addresses the current limitations of contemporary telemedicine and gives specialists the ability to remotely examine, diagnose, and treat medically complex patients in the ED, subacute care facilities, clinics, or in the home – thereby reducing the inefficiencies of specialists and extending the reach of scarce knowledge workers by working through the eyes and hands of clinician extenders on the ground.


Improved Specialist Productivity Delivers Financial Benefits

Our digital approach to healthcare helps lower costs by reducing readmissions while increasing physician productivity and volume, without sacrificing provider time. This is the ideal solution for the management of the 15% of patients who generate 85% of the cost in healthcare.

The Hippo Virtual Care platform helps hospitals and clinics increase throughput while lowering cost, leading to increases in revenue and improved patient access and satisfaction. Reduced readmissions can greatly lower direct costs and add revenue through remote management reimbursement. Our digital health platform also allows clinician extenders to assume new capabilities when paired with an expert, enabling them to practice to the top of their license. Specialists can lose up to 25% of their time walking the halls of the hospital, driving to various locations, and deciphering medical conditions on the phone. Hippo can reduce or eliminate that to increase the productivity and engagement of specialists and simultaneously improve the effectiveness of their remote colleagues.


Easy, Effective Technology

Unlike most IT-related projects, Hippo is

  • Easy and quick to install, with only an hour of virtual training required
  • Readily meets the most stringent security and compliance requirements
  • Has an open architecture to integrate when and however needed
  • Offers a highly flexible, low-cost utility that evolves with the needs of the organization

Our end-user focused technology works for the clinician, helping to increase clinician engagement and retention and reduce provider burden.


Future-proof Investment

Hippo’s virtual care platform offers a low-cost utility (>$5K per unit) that once embedded, enables a secure, scalable, and future-proof solution. Our software can migrate from a CapEx to an OpEx model for easier deployment, and our open API allows for third-party integration, giving hospital systems the customization needed to integrate into existing systems and workflows. Our fully networked system seamlessly integrates and offers a complete dynamic solution that can favorably evolve with the next generation of virtual care.

Each component has significant value but together, they are greater than the sum of the parts.

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