INFOGRAPHIC: Clinicians Overwhelmingly Favor Care-at-Home Initiatives

November 27, 2023

The care-at-home market is expected to grow from roughly $200 billion this year to $300 billion by 2028. Clinicians, impressed by the potential of care-at-home efforts to increase healthcare access and boost patient satisfaction, are undoubtedly helping to drive this growth.

According to a recent survey conducted by Sage Growth Partners, clinicians overwhelmingly favor care-at-home initiatives. (The clinicians surveyed were employed at health systems, academic medical centers, hospital- or health system-affiliated practices, or independent acute care hospitals.)

Of the 116 clinicians polled, a majority said that they believe care-at-home programs are safe and that they would recommend them to friends and family. More than two-thirds said care-at-home initiatives could help curb healthcare worker burnout, with 59 percent saying such efforts could mitigate physician shortages.

One care provider, Mass General Brigham, announced last month that it is pursuing these care-at-home benefits by expanding its hospital-at-home program to three community hospital sites in Massachusetts. The program provides daily in-home or virtual visits and a wide array of services, including intravenous fluids and medication services, laboratory testing, electrocardiograms, and ultrasounds. It also leverages a continuous RPM platform that transmits patient vital sign readings to clinicians and enables two-way text and video communication.

While eighty-one percent of clinicians polled by Sage Growth Partners hope their organizations will invest in these kinds of initiatives in the next year or two, they also believe these programs can face some barriers to implementation, including a lack of tech support in the home, a lack of logistics support for technology (including delivery, pickup, and reprocessing of devices), and getting their patients to adopt and engage in the programs.

Hippo Virtual Care™ (HVC) addresses these barriers while enabling remote home care for clinicians and patients around the world.

HVC is a simple approach leveraging wearable computing that can generate a modular, effective solution that health systems can begin developing today by “thinking big, starting small, and moving fast”. With HVC, health systems and clinicians can bring the hospital into the home and extend the reach of specialty care using clinician extenders with Augmented Reality devices to deliver a “you are there” experience to remote specialist care teams. It’s next generation Virtual Care in practice.

Click here to download Hippo’s “Health@Home” white paper, which outlines how HVC can remove barriers to effective and safe care-at-home initiatives. And click here to see Hippo in Action.

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