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Hippo for Clinician Extenders

Hippo Technologies, Inc. Launches the Next Generation of Wearable Computing for Healthcare

November 15, 2021

Seattle, WA ­– Hippo Technologies, Inc. (Hippo), a leading virtual care company delivering solutions for healthcare and medical education, is today announcing the launch of its new Hippo for Clinician Extenders™ product, part of the Hippo Virtual Care™ platform (HVC).

Hippo for Clinician Extenders™ leverages the HVC platform by combining wearable computing with automated clinical workflows specifically designed to extend the reach of specialist clinicians to connect and care for people in the communities and regions they serve. It works by leveraging Hippo’s hands-free, voice-activated, wearable headsets at the point of care to deliver a “through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint, allowing remote healthcare workers at a rural clinic or patient home to livestream what they are seeing and doing to specialist colleagues who may be back in the hospital or clinic, for real-time consults on complex cases.

With staffing shortages and clinician burnout taking their toll on the healthcare workforce in the wake of COVID-19, Hippo’s solution effectively overcomes the barriers of time, distance and training to deliver specialist care wherever the patient is located.

There are an estimated 116 million US citizens who need specialty care but struggle to get timely access to physicians. Specialty physicians are in short supply, especially in underserved and rural areas, and as a result, patients can often wait several weeks and drive over an hour to see a specialist.

“The US can save $82 billion in medical costs annually by more efficiently delivering specialist care at the point of need through virtual care,” according to Dr. Patrick Quinlan, CEO and Co-founder of Hippo Technologies, Inc.

“Telehealth has been instrumental in delivering care into the home where it’s more convenient for the patient, but it is limited in its usage to primary care and diagnosis of common conditions, and invariably ends with a prescription, referral or tele-triage,” said Quinlan. “Specialist care for multi-chronic patients requires a much more advanced collaboration between the physician, caregiver and patient. That’s where the Hippo platform excels, as it enables physicians to oversee and guide treatment in real time through nurses or other caregivers on the ground equipped with the latest in wearable computing.”

Hippo’s voice-activated headsets allow clinicians in the field to operate hands-free, while the specialist back in the hospital gets a “through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint on their laptop or tablet – enabling them to collaborate virtually with local caregivers wearing the headset to care for patients, as if they were physically in the room.

Hippo’s President and Co-founder, Brian Hamilton, is a pioneer in the field of voice-activated wearable computing, and has led the development of the Hippo Virtual Care platform with clinical-grade cybersecurity and compliance. Hippo’s Integrated Workflow provides support for orders, evidence-based guidelines and checklists, enabling caregivers in the field to operate at the top of their license.

“By extending the reach of the available workforce, Hippo delivers immediate value to the patient, to the caregiver, and to the health system. It’s a win-win-win solution to a key challenge in healthcare,” said Hamilton.

Hippo’s platform can also be used for healthcare professional education, for ongoing skills training and assessment and allows for remote proctoring, evaluation and calibration of clinical procedures and skills in the field.

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About Hippo Technologies, Inc.

Hippo Technologies, Inc., is a global virtual care company servicing the healthcare and medical education industries. The Hippo Virtual CareTM platform includes a hands-free, voice-activated, head-worn tablet and HIPAA/GDPR compliant software allowing clinicians to communicate and video conference in real time with remote colleagues and students, search medical records, and automatically access files and imaging during patient examinations, procedures, consultations and rounding. Hippo delivers a unique “through the eyes of the clinician” experience with all the safety and convenience of remote care. For more information, please visit

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