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Hippo Technologies and Advantix Partner on Connectivity for Next Generation Virtual Care

SEATTLE, Wash., August 11, 2022

Hippo will use Advantix SmartSIM to enable continuous connectivity for remote clinical collaboration using Assisted Reality headsets

Hippo Technologies, Inc., a global virtual care company delivering solutions for healthcare and medical education, announced today a partnership with Advantix, a managed connectivity provider, to enable global roaming and seamless connectivity on the Hippo Virtual Care™ (HVC) platform, allowing clinicians to collaborate remotely with frontline medical staff in the field.

Unlike traditional telehealth, which is only suitable for simple primary care consultations, the Hippo Virtual Care solution combines voice-activated, wearable headsets at the point of care with a clinical-grade platform to deliver a “through the eyes of the clinician” viewpoint, allowing First Responders to a trauma scene or remote healthcare workers at a rural clinic or patient home to livestream what they are seeing and doing to specialist colleagues who may be back in the hospital, for real-time consults on complex cases. This not only increases access to specialty care in rural areas, but also results in faster diagnosis and treatment, improving patient outcomes and dramatically reducing the overall cost of care.

“By simultaneously connecting physician specialists in the hospital and clinicians in the field with an immersive experience, Hippo Virtual Care enables advanced remote collaboration to deliver the right diagnosis and treatment the first time, every time,” says Dr. Patrick Quinlan, CEO and Co-founder of Hippo Technologies, Inc. “With Advantix connectivity, we can ensure continuous uptime in rural and remote locations that don’t have access to WiFi. This can often be critical when dealing with trauma patients in the field.”

Hippo will be leveraging the Advantix SmartSIM, which provides universal WAN connectivity with auto-failover by seamlessly connecting to leading carriers including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the US, and more than 600 providers globally. With SmartSIM, if your connection fails, the device will hunt for and connect to the next-available carrier, ensuring seamless connectivity and uptime.

“Hippo is a fast-growing virtual care company with forward-thinking leadership and solutions that make a difference for clinicians and their patients worldwide,” says Natasha Royer Coons, principal and CRO of Advantix. “We are thrilled to start this partnership and play a role in helping first responders and remote healthcare workers more efficiently and cost-effectively serve patients.”  

Hippo has Virtual Care deployments across diverse clinical settings including the US, UK, China, Guatemala, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. The addition of a global roaming solution will enable Hippo to address a multitude of remote specialty care needs enabling more efficient and better quality care delivery, particularly in underserved and rural communities.

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About Hippo Technologies, Inc.

Hippo Technologies, Inc., is a global virtual care company servicing the healthcare and medical education industries. The next-generation Hippo Virtual Care™ platform combines the most advanced voice-activated, Assisted Reality headsets and clinical-grade software allowing clinicians to collaborate remotely in real time to deliver patient care or train healthcare professionals. In addition to supporting the delivery of specialist care in the field, Hippo can integrate seamlessly with hospital systems and connected devices for a multitude of use cases in the hospital ER, OR, ICU, inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, and in the home. With staffing shortages and clinician burnout taking their toll on the healthcare workforce in the wake of COVID-19, Hippo’s solution effectively overcomes the barriers of time, distance and training to deliver specialist care wherever the patient is located. For more information on Hippo Technologies, Inc. and Hippo Virtual Care, please visit:

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Advantix is a managed connectivity provider that leverages its SaaS platform and telecom expense management (TEM) tools to help enterprises proactively manage, optimize and report on wireless and fixed telecom infrastructure, equipment, services and related costs. Our proprietary platform, software, carrier APIs, web portal and end-to-end professional services enable customers to manage any device and network with a few keystrokes from their computer or mobile device. For more information on Advantix, please visit:


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